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Germoir de pratiques, espace de ressource

by Julie Nioche & Isabelle Ginot

Bodystormings are an experimental, shared process, which aims to develop together new forms of co-constructions of committed artistic projects.

The process has been planned to be a long-term one, as a “germinator” of ideas, practices and future projects.
It will also offer a resource and activist space for all its participants, in real time.

How do we implement artistic acts which explore essential questions of relationships politics and the sensitive relationships between individuals, social spaces, even institutions ?

The research extends beyond the purview of artists and other cultural actors, rather it involvest a range of players from many different social strata – social workers, medical staff, educators, activists, volunteers …. all of whom are interested in exploring the question of art’s place in our lives and in our social spaces.

The energy of the Bodystormings channels that of the those offered at the Maison des Metallos (a rather unique performing arts space located in Paris).

Physical and sensory experimentation is the baseline for this common research. Our hypothesis is that we share a need to share a common practice, more to counter the stress of the everyday violence we face, the lockdowns, distances, massive drops in activity -- than to feed the resources of creativity which can become part of all our professional and personal activities, whether they connect to art or not.

The idea is to invent new ways of seeing, new ways of doing things in our social spaces, whose templates can be found in physical and sensitive experimentation, finding how what we find in the body can be extended into our forays into social spaces.

Julie Nioche & Isabelle Ginot - october 2020

Bodystormings as a process will be developed on multiple sites, depending on the invitations received.

The new phase (2021 April-June) at the Maison des Metallos, will be a production phase, working on creating a format and trying out certain methodologies.

We already have several partners: among them, the EXERCE program in Montpellier and EXTENSIONS in Toulouse.

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