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What brings you here ?

Performance in situ for museums, art galleries, heritage sites...

CREATION 2017 - June Events Festival / CDCN Ateliers de Paris
for the « Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature de Paris »

Conception, text and performance :
Julie Nioche choreographer and dancer & Gabrielle Mallet physiotherapist and osteopath

Performance : 30 minutes
Exchanges with the public : 20 minutes

That question could be asked in the beginning of ostheopathy session as that one asked to a spectator came to see a dance.

WHAT BRINGS YOU HERE ? Performance is a imaginary osteopathy treatment of a dancing
body in a singular area.

Without contact with the practitioner’s which observing her, the dancer reveals to us by her
movement the instructions rendering which given verbally. This « advice » aspiring is translates into the matter movement created by the dancer. The practitioner suggests instructions opening new
paths to her imaginary.

The duo, located close to the spectators, is also in constant interaction with them.
For each singular area, Julie Nioche and Gabrielle Mallet use environment as a support
(architectural space, art exposed...) to write this imaginary treatment and to invent the dance.

With that performance, they continue their common research for new ways to explore the
multiple links between feelings, interior spaces, imaginary, treatment, movements and

Production A.I.M.E. Association d’Individus en Mouvements Engagés.
With the support of « CDCN Atelier de Paris »

A.I.M.E. is supported by the State - Prefect of Pays de la Loire region and by the City of Nantes.


« Last night, under the extinct look of seated Bambi’s dad, of feathers and others hunting trophies, the osteopath Gabrielle Mallet asks: « What brings you here ? » , it will be the show title. Gabrielle orders with kindness, Julie submits when she wants.

She asks, for a long time, many times, like if this question was unsolvable. However, it is simple,
it is the practitioner question in front of the patient. It is simple only in appearance. Julie Nioche, dancer and also osteopath, comes in leopard legging to echo to the room with loaded walls of « Musée de la Chasse ». Follows a strange step of two, ultra animal, full of caring.

The spectators placed around of this funny arena are looking and are invited to use as a
mirror. We were asked us to find a little of verticality (and it works ) or to close our eyes. We
serve Julie’s repairs, who has to rebalance her shoulders and to lighten her liver. Everything is good to rediscover her consistency. Twisting, jumping, panting, breathing, beeing on four legs, running away...

The discussion following the performance has been astonishing because any spectator has felt
the same thing. Frustrating, therapeutic, liberating. What we do know is « What brings we there », it is the simple desire to see dancing talented Julie Nioche. That was the past. Because in the end of the performance, what brings we here was in fact the desire to go barefoot and to follow instructions from the peaceful Gabrielle Mallet. »

Amelie Blaustein Niddam – – June 2017


Premiered in June 14th, 2017 for the « Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature de Paris » as part of June Events Festival of « CDCN Ateliers de Paris ».

10th March - Art Center La Graineterie - Houilles, with TPE de Bezons

© L. Delamotte-Legrand © L. Delamotte-Legrand