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Gabrielle Mallet


Gabrielle Mallet participated in the creation of A.I.M.E. (Association d’Individus en Mouvements Engagés) in 2007, proposing to develop practices between care and creation as well as research projects in the medical field. 

She obtained a Masters degree in Management Sciences, after which an experience working for a large company contributed to her questioning of the representation of the self, the constraints in physical expression, in particular the injuries sustained in this particular environment. In 2000, she earned her diploma as a kinesiologist and then as an osteopath in 2008. She also began studying Feldenkrais in 2001, which added another dimension to her examination of the image of the body, its movement and its problems, considerably adding to her perspective as an osteopath.

In 2003, she participated in the project Études initiated by Julie Nioche. In 2004, she created with Nioche prosthetic objects formed with medical-grade silicon for her creation XX with Alice. 

Since 2005, she has been teaching at the dance department at the University Paris 8 in lectures organized by Isabelle Ginot, Christine Roquet and Julie Nioche, on the theme of “Body image,” as well as in a research group on body image in somatic practices. Since 2009 she has taught for the French University Diploma “Body techniques in the caring profession” for professionals in these areas.

Since 2006, she and Nioche have explored, in the workshops preparing for the performing of Les Sysiphe, new ways of looking at the multiple links between sensation, movement and creativity in the demultiplication of a simple movement. Facing an increasing demand for performances of the work in France and abroad, they organized an ensemble of trainers to run the Sisyphe workshops. 

The same year, Gabrielle Mallet was asked to create a sensitive space for audiences at the Théâtre du Vivat in Armentières. 

After ten years working as an independent practitioner, she now has her own practice in the 20th arrondissement in Paris, which she opened in association with Julie Nioche in 2009, working principally on perinatality as it links to dance practices.

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