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Julie Nioche


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Julie Nioche created A.I.M.E. in 2007 with a team of teacher-researchers, community leaders and active practitioners. The association’s mission statement speaks of its goal, the creation of choreographic works and the development of a “citizen art,” consisting of sharing and touring dance and the knowledge linked to this practice, notably somatic practices in the socio-medical sector.

Seeing another way of considering a space for senses in our daily lives, she anchors her projects in different environments, so that they may take diverse forms and be seen by as many kinds of audiences as possible. She steps away from theatres in order to adapt to different spaces, producing many in situ projects. She prioritizes the sharing of knowledge with those interested in these projects and validates the hybridization of both sources and knowledge. She speaks of a human in situ when it seeks to integrate the awarenesses of the body in society, drawing a line between her creation of choreographic works and daily life, offering performances and workshops of physical practice.

Her research has led her to move from the notion of the “image of the body” to that of an “imaginary movement vocabulary,” a meeting point and a source of significant tension between her artistic practices and her relationship to daily life and the world of caring for others.

In 2010, she created Nos solitudes, a piece imagined around a body suspended which in a new relationship to space and to gravity, has an experience with solitude thanks to its unlikely frame of reference, both visually and gravitationally. The dance brings us into a scenic metaphor about attachment, links and support.

In 2011, Nioche continued working with material outside dance, using the writing of Christophe Huysman as a basis for shared research on the theme of the fairy tale. She proposed a setting, some choreography, using one or more of his stories. With the creation of this short piece, this giant music – colors – words ‑ dance box, her work became accessible to young audiences.

In 2012, she co-signed a new creation, Voleuse, with the set designer and architect Virginie Mira. The piece involves 4 women dancing with, around and under a giant turning propeller, seeking a calm daydream state in spite of their somewhat violent, demanding and whip fast setting.

Her intercutting research between choreography and workshops in physical practice (…) culminated in the signature of a collaborative agreement between A.I.M.E and the dance department of the University of Paris 8, in the creation in 2009 of the new D.U. (University Diploma): Body techniques and the world of health care. This D.U. offers conceptual and technical tools to think about and establish a place for physical body work in the areas of medical, social, and socio-educative accompaniment.

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